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5 min readOct 27, 2023

Our vision at Hyphen is to be the automation layer for moving and tracking money. A greater percentage of organizations in emerging markets still rely on offline, paper based, difficult to reconcile workflows for all financial processes. This is a major challenge to growth and customer experience when managing high value transactions.

A key part of operational efficiency is having flexibility in how you collect and structure the data that drives your financial workflows. That’s why we’re excited to launch our new Hyphen Interface Builder a no-code solution that empowers anyone to create custom interfaces tailored to their unique data capture needs.

Today we’re sharing details of our Interface Builder and how it streamlines a traditionally tedious aspect of financial operations for businesses. With this new feature, organizations of any size can generate bespoke forms for easily onboarding new customers, processing payroll, requesting vendor invoices, and more — all without writing a single line of code.

Hyphen’s Interface Builder provides an intuitive drag-and-drop canvas for assembling forms using pre-built components tailored for tasks like capturing payments, invoices and customer details. This lets business users digitize workflows without coding skills.

A User-Friendly Interface for Custom Form Creation

Hyphen Interface Builder presents an intuitive drag-and-drop interface for assembling forms using pre-built components like single-line fields, files uploads, dynamic lists and money field. Business operators can organize these elements on a virtual “canvas” and customize labels, validations and other properties as needed. This allows non-technical teams to quickly digitise any paper based process and refine forms independently until workflows are optimized.

The ability to visually map out data entry field aligns with natural human processes better than writing code. With Interface Builder, payment operations specialists can now focus on core tasks rather than technical barriers.

Pre-Configured Fields for Financial & Payment Data

Rather than generic form fields, our library contains controls attuned to capturing things like money amounts, account details, payment references and evidence attachments. These pre-configured “Money Input” or “File Upload” fields auto-apply validation rules and data processing specific to financial workflows.

This handles error-prone tasks like validating formatting and maximizes accuracy when integrating form submissions into backend payment systems. It removes complexity compared to generic builders while ensuring the right data is collected from the start.

Key features include pre-configured fields that ensure data quality, tight integration between forms and Hyphen’s workflows for end-to-end automation, and standard/custom form templates.

Real-Time Integrations and Workflow Automation

Where Hyphen truly differentiates is tight integrations between forms and payment automation. Form submissions are parsed and stored in digital formats, making data immediately actionable by workflows you create in hyphen. Organizations can automate multi-step processes like invoice processing or expense reimbursement end-to-end without moving data between systems.

With Interface Builder, even simple tasks like generating payment notifications or updating a third-party system are reduced to a click. This closed-loop digital transformation streamlines previously disjointed and paper-heavy processes for a modern, integrated financial operations experience.

Customizable Standard and Commerce Forms

Hyphen Interface Builder supports two main form types — Standard and Commerce. Standard forms allow organizations to collect any custom data through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Validation rules, field requirements, and multiple pages can be configured to match complex collection needs.

Commerce forms take data collection a step further by integrating an item catalog and invoice generation capabilities. For example, a Business services organization can create a commerce form to process online orders through it’s field sales team. Sales agent would enter customer data and select services on the form, see a dynamically calculated total, then instantly issue a payment invoice on submission. Both data and invoice would already exist on the backoffice for the finance team or automated workflow to process further.

Benefits are speeding financial workflow development by removing technical barriers, maintaining consistent user experiences, and streamlining previously manual paper-based tasks.

Create once, embed anywhere

If you needed to share access to the form on your company website, or over whatsapp with a vendor or in a group with your sales team, hyphen enables your interface to be accessed within any browser, and on any device. Forms created with the Hyphen Interface Builder can be open to anyone, private to existing customers, vendors or your team only

Real-World Use Cases

Some real-world examples of how Interfaces can transform financial workflows:

  • A Legal Tech startup needs to prototype a new product quickly while passing on the data collected to a third-party system for processing
  • A company built a standard form to quickly onboard new clients and issue invoices for selected services.
  • A small business needs an expense request portal for staff, and approvals for management
  • Real-estate/shared living application and payment form
  • An education institution uses Interfaces to automate everything from student registration to processing extracurricular onboarding based on selections.

By providing both standard and commerce form templates, Hyphen Interface Builder gives organizations the flexibility to digitally transform almost any data capture or transaction process with just a few clicks. The launch of Hyphen Interface Builder is an exciting step in our mission to make payment operations effortlessly scalable for businesses of all sizes.

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