Faster business payment: Streamlining your Order-to-Cash workflow

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3 min readJan 8, 2024

Every business relies on a steady cash flow to sustain operations. For B2B companies in particular, ensuring money moves efficiently from order placement to invoice receipt is critical. However, this order-to-cash process remains complex and time-consuming for many businesses in emerging markets today.

Luckily, technology now makes it possible to streamline the often overlooked order-to-cash cycle like never before. With Hyphen’s configurable workflows and integrated platform approach, companies of any size can gain control over this key business function.

What is the Order-to-Cash Process?

The order-to-cash process encompasses all activities from securing an order to getting paid. It typically involves order entry, fulfillment, invoicing, collection, and cash application.

Coordinating these stages with multiple internal teams and external customers takes coordination. Any bottlenecks in the process negatively impact a company’s financial health through delayed cash flows and unsatisfied customers.

Why Your B2B Business Needs Order-to-Cash transformation

Slow payment cycles tie up working capital that could fuel business growth. An average extended receivables period costs time and money that adds up over the long run.

Hyphen streamlines this process to strengthen customer relationships while freeing up funds for reinvestment. By connecting critical functions, data moves seamlessly to benefit all involved.

For examples, automated cash application is important for a few critcal reasons:

  • Proper matching speeds up the order-to-cash cycle by reducing DSO (days sales outstanding).
  • Automating the process eliminates manual errors and improves visibility.
  • Associated payments can then be easily reported for billing statements, tax purposes, etc.

How Hyphen’s Platform Transforms B2B Operations

Hyphen provides the connectivity and flexibility growing businesses need through its powerful yet simple platform approach:

  • Configure custom workflows that map to your unique processes through an intuitive no-code interface.
  • Connect internal and external systems through customizable portal for a centralized view of orders, payments and more.
  • Empower customers and team with self-service portals to approve invoices, track status and make digital payments.
  • Automate repeatable tasks to save employee hours and minimize errors through automatic checks and balances.
  • Gain real-time visibility with configurable reporting on key metrics like Accounts Receivable Balance to make strategic data-driven decisions.
  • Connect/link your existing systems such as ERP, CRM, accounting to orders and payment matching
single view of all receivables, with multi-currency support

Try It Risk-Free

The Hyphen Balance portal is embeddable, makes it easy for businesses of any size in global trade to transform their order-to-cash processes. Request a personalized demo to see how the platform streamlines your receivables and empowers growth.

With no long-term commitments or integration costs, there’s no risk in trying Hyphen’s flexible solution. See first-hand how to optimize cash flow, reduce manual work and improve the customer experience.



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