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4 min readFeb 3, 2023


Ever wondered what if, every Paystack transaction can trigger a long list of todos and actually do them for you?

Hyphen automates payment operations. We are Empowering organisations with the workflow infrastructure, required to model, trigger and reconcile money movement operations. All with no code or developer effort.

While using Paystack you constantly feel the need to automate some routine tasks you have to repeat multiple times. Tasks like, create invoice, update invoice, send invoice, create sales receipt, send sales receipt, create journal entry, create a deposit, create a credit memo, upsell a customer, update a customer, create a vendor, credit a vendor, etc.

What if “any” Paystack transaction can automate anything?

Example workflow, triggered by successful Paystack or Flutterwave payment — tryhyphen.com

In this article I will walk you through how you perform all** of these tasks/actions using hyphen. If you have used Zapier before, this will feel familiar, if you haven’t don’t worry. After this article you wouldn’t need to use Zapier for your Paystack account.

Your automated Paystack workflow

The primary goal of this workflow is to identify customers who subscribe to a payment plan using a card that will expire within a year of subscription. To help this business reduce churn, we will remind these customers to update their card info before it expires.

To create automations for your Paystack transactions, you need to create a payment flow.

Tap on the new workflow button, enter a name for payment flow and tap the next button to get started.

You get a list of triggers — Triggers in Hyphen are the starting points of all payment workflows. For our Paystack we will select payment, then select Paystack from the list, click the continue button.


Now we program the logic for our Paystack transaction. In simple terms, a transaction is nothing more than the movement of money in or out of your (digital) wallet or bank account, at a point in time. For this example, we will setup conditions to identify only money from customers who:

  1. Are subscribing to a payment plan
  2. Are using a card that will expire in 2023
  3. And the amount/value of the payment plan is above 30,000

Whenever any transaction matches this criteria, we want hyphen to perform the following actions for us:

Click on continue, then select the actions you want. For our example, we will:

  1. Send a notification to the customer, reminding them to update their card before it expires
  2. Send a reminder to our customer support team to followup this customer with a phone call
  3. Send a custom receipt to the customer
  4. Include this customer data to a spreadsheet for the customer support followup

Other actions you can add include:

  1. Add this transaction to your cloud accounting software, e.g. Quickbooks
  2. Send this transaction to a new workflow (a separate flow)
  3. Generate a new document and send to the customer
  4. And many more
Transactions & accounts — tryhyphen.com
What is Hyphen? — tryhyphen.com

And if the conditions don’t match, you may want to inform a team member or another application you use for business. Hyphen also enables you do that easily.

Hyphen is helping businesses manage custom payment flows and optimising reconciliation with nocode.

If you desire to customize the logic and automate repetitive money movement tasks for any business payment use-case, then you should tryhyphen.com

**At the moment, not all actions are live on Hyphen, our team is working towards releasing new actions as we complete them. If you have an action you want to add to the list, please reach out here



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